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Diversify to Amplify

The question/argument – IS CHANGE GOOD – will forever plague the mind of mankind. Some people fret at the thought of changes, while others live by it. Here at Think Tank, we embrace change and deem transformation/modifications as a vital component to sustain success. After recent re-branding at our company, our customer base and overall business has begun to flourish. For us, change has been GREAT (we feel like we just broke the time-space continuum).

We have redesigned our logo, made an entirely new website, began sponsoring local marketing events, hired qualified employees, and increased our productivity by making positive changes in the work place (i.e. – instituting Casual Fridays and “Lunch on the Tank”) to boost creativity.

These elements of change are important to Think Tank, but our products and customer service remain our priorities.  Whenever adjustments are made for the good of the company, it is very important we illustrate to our clients and various business relationships what we have not changed.  We have made sure our superior products and customer service is still at the forefront of our mindset at Think Tank.

When is change the RIGHT choice for a business?

Well, it’s entirely dependent on the specific market segment, customer base/satisfaction, and employee productivity (to name a few), to you. Analyzing components of your business will surely convey any dilemmas you need a solution for, or ensure operation management that the company is maximizing all aspects of the business. This constant scrutiny, will allow your company to knock your competition out with the perfect one-two punch.

We have all seen Coke® and Pepsi® battle it out over decades; their logos/designs have changed on numerous occasions, new products have been developed, and endless case studies have been conducted. These two companies are a perfect example of the evolution of a company and the products offered. Sometimes managing small changes reminds your customers that you’re constantly making specific adjustments to improve and move forward, and that may be worth more than large modifications if you already have pleased customers.

For Think Tank, the statement “Diversify to Amplify” attests the notion that CHANGE IS GOOD. How does your business fare?

Composed by Andre Linares


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