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What will people think if they spot you in a tree?

Urban Tumble WeedStuck in trees and bushes across the country are plastic bags of all varieties.  These sprawling grocery bags are referred to as urban tumble weeds, and their increased presence makes sense – each year, in the US alone, we use and discard about 380 Billion plastic bags (Check out the infographic).

Luckily, bans on these plastic bags are sprouting up all over the country.  These bans (albeit a pain for grocery chains) put marketers in a good position to promote their company’s sustainability efforts by endorsing and giving away reusable bags and totes.  Next time you’re considering what to put your educational materials and company swag into — think reusable bags — they’re often composed of recycled material, and are biodegradable and recyclable. Customers will be impressed and more apt to use your bag for the gym, a picnic, or other event.  Smart products go the distance and make you look better.

Please stay away from adding to the endless pit of plastic park tinsel!

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