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Visual-eyes the World with Google

Time and time again, Google® is on the brink of the latest and greatest technology. First it was their search engine, next it was Google Maps, then it was their phone, and so on and so forth. Google constantly changes our ability to have knowledge at our fingertips. Personally, it’s quite amazing.

Now, the genius (Google) we all know and use almost every day has produced a software application on the Android OS called Google Goggles. The visual search technology is still in its infancy a stage of development, but it’s still so cutting edge that you can’t argue that it isn’t a great tool to use.

Google Goggles (version 1.1) is a search tool based on taking pictures with your phone for Android phones. The application is capable of translating foreign language text and can identify objects based on the pictures taken. Simply launch the Google Goggles application, take a picture of the text (on a menu, for example), and then Google will provide the option to translate. Goggles are also offered in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and more languages are to be included soon.

The Android 1.6 and new smartphone’s support Google Goggles. This is one of the few very interesting Android Apps that has gained so much media attention. This is great news for the Android OS as it competes head on with Apple’s iPhone OS and also Windows mobile.

Take a look at Google’s page here

Composed by Andre Linares


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