Walking, Talking Billboards

Small and large businesses alike need to become brands not just businesses.

Find your niche. Devour competition. Stabilize and grow. And then what?

How do you gain control of that place inside your customer’s brain that highlights your name first when they go to make a purchase? As many businesses have found out that process is easier said than done – and it’s not that easy to say.  In truth it takes years of brand development, advertising, and promotions.

One of the most effective ways to promote your brand is through apparel (over 80% of all promotional product sales is in apparel).  Apparel takes on a distinguished form as the person who is wearing it also carries with them a degree of credibility.  If you trust an individual’s judgment, or respect that person, then you will give more credibility to the brand they wear. (But remember, your brand personality represents YOU and still lives separately from the individual wearing it – the important thing is that people are wearing it.)

Apparel goes the distance when it comes to ROI.  Clothing gets worn out with friends, washed and reused, and handed down.  No one can be sure of how far your investment will travel but wherever it goes it will enhance your brands exposure and keep you top-of-mind.

Get out there. Get noticed. Or get left behind.

This brand 2.0 message was brought to you by Jake Weidert


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