Recycle This Blog When Finished

One of our most sought after services is environmentally responsible products, and our access to hundreds if not thousands of these products has put them in high demand.  But how long will this race to go green last?

It seems that everybody is doing it and those who aren’t are falling behind as it’s becoming a needed component for corporate identity.  Businesses are now subject to the scrutiny of the public. Social media is the credible power of the new generation. Citizen Journalists Unite!  For now, the bloggers have decided that what is “in” – and that is being environmentally responsible.  Back to my original question… what is the fate of recycled and biodegradable products?

What most people don’t know is that these products (shirts made from bottles and BPA free plastics) have been produced for years but never gained recognition because “recycled” used to equate to cheap.  It’s so cool though – to own a shirt made from the Vital Energy bottled you just slurped down.  Suppose you gave it to someone else when you were done wearing it… You might be Mother Nature’s new favorite client!

Delivered to you by Jake Weidert


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