What will people think if they spot you in a tree?

Urban Tumble WeedStuck in trees and bushes across the country are plastic bags of all varieties.  These sprawling grocery bags are referred to as urban tumble weeds, and their increased presence makes sense – each year, in the US alone, we use and discard about 380 Billion plastic bags (Check out the infographic).

Luckily, bans on these plastic bags are sprouting up all over the country.  These bans (albeit a pain for grocery chains) put marketers in a good position to promote their company’s sustainability efforts by endorsing and giving away reusable bags and totes.  Next time you’re considering what to put your educational materials and company swag into — think reusable bags — they’re often composed of recycled material, and are biodegradable and recyclable. Customers will be impressed and more apt to use your bag for the gym, a picnic, or other event.  Smart products go the distance and make you look better.

Please stay away from adding to the endless pit of plastic park tinsel!

See some of our options here. Send us an email (info@thinktankpromotional.com)  if you can’t find what you’re looking for —  we’ll send you more options.


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Walking, Talking Billboards

Small and large businesses alike need to become brands not just businesses.

Find your niche. Devour competition. Stabilize and grow. And then what?

How do you gain control of that place inside your customer’s brain that highlights your name first when they go to make a purchase? As many businesses have found out that process is easier said than done – and it’s not that easy to say.  In truth it takes years of brand development, advertising, and promotions.

One of the most effective ways to promote your brand is through apparel (over 80% of all promotional product sales is in apparel).  Apparel takes on a distinguished form as the person who is wearing it also carries with them a degree of credibility.  If you trust an individual’s judgment, or respect that person, then you will give more credibility to the brand they wear. (But remember, your brand personality represents YOU and still lives separately from the individual wearing it – the important thing is that people are wearing it.)

Apparel goes the distance when it comes to ROI.  Clothing gets worn out with friends, washed and reused, and handed down.  No one can be sure of how far your investment will travel but wherever it goes it will enhance your brands exposure and keep you top-of-mind.

Get out there. Get noticed. Or get left behind.

This brand 2.0 message was brought to you by Jake Weidert

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Visual-eyes the World with Google

Time and time again, Google® is on the brink of the latest and greatest technology. First it was their search engine, next it was Google Maps, then it was their phone, and so on and so forth. Google constantly changes our ability to have knowledge at our fingertips. Personally, it’s quite amazing.

Now, the genius (Google) we all know and use almost every day has produced a software application on the Android OS called Google Goggles. The visual search technology is still in its infancy a stage of development, but it’s still so cutting edge that you can’t argue that it isn’t a great tool to use.

Google Goggles (version 1.1) is a search tool based on taking pictures with your phone for Android phones. The application is capable of translating foreign language text and can identify objects based on the pictures taken. Simply launch the Google Goggles application, take a picture of the text (on a menu, for example), and then Google will provide the option to translate. Goggles are also offered in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and more languages are to be included soon.

The Android 1.6 and new smartphone’s support Google Goggles. This is one of the few very interesting Android Apps that has gained so much media attention. This is great news for the Android OS as it competes head on with Apple’s iPhone OS and also Windows mobile.

Take a look at Google’s page here

Composed by Andre Linares

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Recycle This Blog When Finished

One of our most sought after services is environmentally responsible products, and our access to hundreds if not thousands of these products has put them in high demand.  But how long will this race to go green last?

It seems that everybody is doing it and those who aren’t are falling behind as it’s becoming a needed component for corporate identity.  Businesses are now subject to the scrutiny of the public. Social media is the credible power of the new generation. Citizen Journalists Unite!  For now, the bloggers have decided that what is “in” – and that is being environmentally responsible.  Back to my original question… what is the fate of recycled and biodegradable products?

What most people don’t know is that these products (shirts made from bottles and BPA free plastics) have been produced for years but never gained recognition because “recycled” used to equate to cheap.  It’s so cool though – to own a shirt made from the Vital Energy bottled you just slurped down.  Suppose you gave it to someone else when you were done wearing it… You might be Mother Nature’s new favorite client!

Delivered to you by Jake Weidert

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Diversify to Amplify

The question/argument – IS CHANGE GOOD – will forever plague the mind of mankind. Some people fret at the thought of changes, while others live by it. Here at Think Tank, we embrace change and deem transformation/modifications as a vital component to sustain success. After recent re-branding at our company, our customer base and overall business has begun to flourish. For us, change has been GREAT (we feel like we just broke the time-space continuum).

We have redesigned our logo, made an entirely new website, began sponsoring local marketing events, hired qualified employees, and increased our productivity by making positive changes in the work place (i.e. – instituting Casual Fridays and “Lunch on the Tank”) to boost creativity.

These elements of change are important to Think Tank, but our products and customer service remain our priorities.  Whenever adjustments are made for the good of the company, it is very important we illustrate to our clients and various business relationships what we have not changed.  We have made sure our superior products and customer service is still at the forefront of our mindset at Think Tank.

When is change the RIGHT choice for a business?

Well, it’s entirely dependent on the specific market segment, customer base/satisfaction, and employee productivity (to name a few), to you. Analyzing components of your business will surely convey any dilemmas you need a solution for, or ensure operation management that the company is maximizing all aspects of the business. This constant scrutiny, will allow your company to knock your competition out with the perfect one-two punch.

We have all seen Coke® and Pepsi® battle it out over decades; their logos/designs have changed on numerous occasions, new products have been developed, and endless case studies have been conducted. These two companies are a perfect example of the evolution of a company and the products offered. Sometimes managing small changes reminds your customers that you’re constantly making specific adjustments to improve and move forward, and that may be worth more than large modifications if you already have pleased customers.

For Think Tank, the statement “Diversify to Amplify” attests the notion that CHANGE IS GOOD. How does your business fare?

Composed by Andre Linares

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Gilt[y] of Innovation

Gilt Groupe has been recognized by Fast Company magazine as #21 of the worlds’ most innovative companies.  Just two years old and grossing $500 million in revenue last year, Gilt Group is promising great discovery.

“You come every day, and it’s new every day,” says Susan Lyne, CEO of Gilt Group.

Gilt helps designers stay in business and take risks by buying large numbers of products and influencing the online community.  When Gilt showcases a particular label on their site, traffic to that labels site increases. Gilt acts like an advertiser for labels while making exponential profit from sales. Designers benefit as much as Gilt does.  What a novel trait that a company can have full circle influence and promote not themselves but an entire industry. Kudos to Gilt!

Brought to you by Jake Weidert and Think Tank Promotional

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